Hells Right Hand in Overwatch

The world always needs heroes.  Various members of Hells Right Hand play Overwatch and we are always looking for more people to play with.  Our members participate in both quick play and competitive Overwatch and at various levels.  We’re a fun-loving group of people who take matches seriously but also want to have a good time playing.

Our current roster includes players from low bronze to high platinum so there’s room for players of all calibers.  There is interest in creating regular teams to compete in competitive matches but we currently lack regular players.  We are also interested in players who are interested in streaming their matches either regularly scheduled or unscheduled.

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Hello HRH's!  We're looking for people to add content to the site!  Are you passionate about the games we play and want to share that passion?  Send Noktern a message and let him know what kind of content you'd like to contribute.  Opinion pieces, reviews, transmogs, whatever!