Welcome to the Hells Right Hand Community

Welcome to the Hells Right Hand Community

Nov 02 Nok  

Hello and welcome to the new online home for Hells Right Hand, a North American based gaming Clan!  What a long strange trip it’s been since we started working on the site.  Our goal with the creation of this site is to facilitate better communication and community between the diverse members of our gaming family.  We also hope that other players will be interested in joining our community and increase the opportunity for teams and collaboration.

The Games We Play

As gamers, the membership of Hells Right Hand plays in a variety of different online games.  From Destiny 2 to World of Warcraft, you’ll find us enjoying the challenges represented by the games we play.  On the site, we’ve decided to focus on the games that the majority of our membership play. These being World of Warcraft,  Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Destiny 2.  Each of these games has its page dedicated to it with specific information regarding it so check them out!  However, these aren’t the only games we play; we also have players who play Hearthstone, Diablo, and various steam titles as well.

Community Links

Are you looking for people to play with?  So are we!  We’re always looking for new and friendly people to hang out and play games together!  While there are tons of tools out there that can help you find that Destiny 2 or WoW raid to get something done not all of them facilitate that community environment many players are looking for.  A well-practiced team compliments one another and can anticipate one another, and that only comes from working together.  To facilitate this, we’ve done a couple of things on the site and as a clan. We are moving away from mumble and adopting Twitch Comms (part of the Twitch Desktop App), and we’ve created a forum section where guests and members can post and chat with one another.

Streaming and Hosting

Some of our members stream on Twitch.tv as well!  You can find the clan twitch page where we host our streamers here.  It’s new, so there isn’t a lot there yet. We also have a page with our current streaming members available on the site as well!  Our streams can get a bit adult at times, so our channel and that of our a number of our members have listed for mature audiences.  Just so you’re aware.  Interested in streaming your gameplay as a member of HRH? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to add you to our host list as well as add your twitch page to our site!

Future Plans

Additional content and features are in the works for future implementation.  Upgrades to the functions available on the website as a whole, such as private messaging between members, is also on our roadmap!  It’s an exciting time for HRH and the members of our community!  Members of HRH who are interested in creating content for the site are welcome to get involved!   If you’re interested in joining head on over to the Join Us forum, create an account, and let us know a little bit about yourself.


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IT guy, former course designer, gamer, wanna be bodhran player, step-dad, long time WoW player, Bear Tank (Ohg). Overwatch try-hard and sometime streamer on twitch. Site Admin.

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