hrh in the nexus

An ever-growing number of Guild members are currently fine-tuning their skills in the Nexus. Hells Right Hand is extremely active in HOTS, playing all game types from quick play, to Competitive, and of course the weekly Brawl. We have players of all skill sets and stay up to date on all changes
affecting the game, such as upcoming new characters, and Meta changes. We also stream our battles live on Twitch.

So Enter the Nexus, and join in on all the shenanigans!

Hero League Leaderboard
1 Payn 1902
2 Blaze 1852
3 Ezekiel 1801
4 XtremSta 1603

Quick Match Leaderboard
1 Ezekiel 2301
2 Blaze 2152
3 Payn 1950
4 XtremSta 1916
5 Noktern 1661

news & posts

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Hello HRH's!  We're looking for people to add content to the site!  Are you passionate about the games we play and want to share that passion?  Send Noktern a message and let him know what kind of content you'd like to contribute.  Opinion pieces, reviews, transmogs, whatever!