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    Alright!  So the plan for Nov 14th’s raid night is to work on Kil’Jaeden and get him down so that we can get AoTC for the people who haven’t been available for the kill as of yet.  So we’re going to extend the lockout.  Please, no alts for Kil’Jaeden so we have the best chance to get this done with as few pulls as possible.


    Once that’s done, we’ll do the switchero thing and go back to run the rest of the bosses.  We’ll need at least one character who doesn’t have an active lockout so we can do this.  At this point, I don’t care if people switch off within reason.

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We are currently done raiding in Legion.  Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goals of Ahead of the Curve on all raids!  We love you all!  We'll be back for BfA, so if you're wanting to raid let us know!