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Welcome to the online home of Hells Right Hand.  We are a gaming clan with members primarily in North America.  While HRH started off as a World of Warcraft guild in March of 2005 we’ve since extended our passion for gaming into other games as well.  Our members can be found playing pretty much all current Blizzard titles to one degree or another.  You can find game-specific information on the pages listed above in the navigation bar.

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As a gaming clan, Hells Right Hand is first and foremost about community.  We feel that enjoyment of the game and creating a welcoming environment is paramount. This doesn’t mean that we don’t play hard; we do. We just value the entertainment and comradery of our members over the strict competitive attitudes of other organizations.  Participation in clan activities isn’t a requirement of membership but is definitely suggested.  After all, we want to play with you!


Keeping in contact with one another is an important facet of a vibrant community.  Currently, some members log into the clan voice chat program, others connect with one another via Facebook, others only connect with one another via the games they play.  Social media is just one way we can stay in contact with one another but not everyone likes Facebook, not everyone wants to sit in Twitch chat and not everyone logs in every day. HRH is like one big family; we want to connect with our former members, current members, and future members in a space that is ours. Hellsrighthand.com allows us to stay connected with one another.  Our forums not only have sections for each of the games we play, they also have a members only area to help us connect, have conversations, and share information with one another.


Our members have opinions.  Big surprise there right?  Got something to say?  Opinions? Want to report on the state of the games you play?  Excellent!  Our members also write articles that we host here at hellsrighthand.com.   We hope that you’ll enjoy the content presented by our members and if you’re inspired to do the same, let us know!  The more the merrier!  We’re looking for both regular and occasional submissions from our membership.


We also are also working to create a team of Twitch streamers that are willing to share the gameplay with our membership and the greater gaming community at large.  We’re still working out the details, we’d like to create a Twitch team or community, but to begin we’ve created a page where you’ll be able to see who is currently streaming. The discussions are currently ongoing but if you’d like to share your own stream, let us know in the forums. If you just like to watch (and we know you like to watch) you can find the Streams page in the navigation bar above.

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This is just the beginning.  HRH is dedicated to fostering a welcoming community of like-minded players who share our passion for gaming and to see it grow.  If you’re interested in joining, why not head over to the forums and tell us a little bit about yourself.

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Hello HRH's!  We're looking for people to add content to the site!  Are you passionate about the games we play and want to share that passion?  Send Noktern a message and let him know what kind of content you'd like to contribute.  Opinion pieces, reviews, transmogs, whatever!