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    Howdy whelps !

    Last weekend with Blazegore and Xtremsta, we went to Blackrock Foundry (Mythic) and we had a lot of fun.

    I “used” to run transmog runs on Sundays night back in the day with an ex-guildy, a certain Payn, don’t know if you remember him, anyway, I would like to reorganize that again.

    I’ll create a weekend event in our calendar, everyone is welcome to come, the only requirement is to have one or a few 110s then the rest of the players need to have the lvl requirement to enter the specific raid we would do.

    This weekend, I would love to run Hellfire Citadel (Mythic) or Blackrock Foundry  (Mythic) again.

    In addition, for anyone interested, I regularly run Fireland (Heroic) on my mage for the legendary quest and Dragon Soul (Normal) (Yes, I want to that color set, not the girly purple version), you are also welcome to come.

    Nathan S

    Sounds like a plan for me.  Would love to do Hellfire Citadel (Mythic)

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